Your customers are busy, and they expect their utility companies to provide superior service with minimal interruption. Your key differentiator should be the ability to cost-effectively provide proactive communication about planned or unexpected outages and service interruptions. With Interactions highly accurate Virtual Assistant solutions, you can provide your customers with the service they need when and where they need it.

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  • Utility communications positively impact customer satisfaction. Satisfaction among consumers who recalled receiving a communication from their utility was 74 points higher than those who do not recall receiving any communication.1
  • Customers, however, still want more communication from their utilities: customers are looking for up to 2x the current volume of communication they are receiving.2
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With Interactions solutions, you can make customer care a competitive differentiator by providing increased proactive communications and self-service options. On average, our clients are able to increase self-service engagement by 40%, saving them millions in operating expenses.

Our senior leadership team was blown away when they heard the customer engagement within the system. The entire room of nearly 100 managers broke into spontaneous applause.

- Jeff Camp, VP of Contact Center Operations, TXU Energy


Convenience and efficiency are competitive differentiators. That’s why Interactions expands what’s possible with self-service — enabling your customers to use natural, conversational language to report service interruptions, initiate new service or resolve billing issues. Your customers can get more done in less time, freeing up your agents to handle more complex issues.


New & Relocating Customers

Get off to a good start — and keep the satisfaction going – by providing the best possible customer care.

For both new and existing customers, we make the self-service experience efficient, friendly and productive, by allowing you to easily:

  • Collect relevant location and customer information
  • Efficiently schedule new service appointments
  • Validate move details before dispatching technicians
  • Update customers with appointment reminders

Billing & Collections

Collecting timely payments can be a challenge – for both you and your customers.

Interactions billing and collections solutions make it easier for you to:

  • Enable customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing
  • Provide balance information and due dates
  • Intake and process payment information
  • Remind customers about near due and delinquent payments
  • Arrange and process payment terms based on established business rules

Program Enrollment

From efficiency programs to paperless billing, keep your customers informed of promotions and offers that will help them understand the benefits of going green.

Make it easy for your customers to:

  • Receive personalized, proactive offers
  • Obtain information on costs and enrollment processes
  • Determine program eligibility
  • Register for programs through self-service
  • Complete satisfaction surveys

Issue Reporting

When the lights go out, your customers call you. Interactions Virtual Assistant solutions  provide fast and efficient responses without the added costs of speaking with a live agent.

Use Interactions solutions to:

  • Easily collect outage information
  • Automatically enroll customers to receive voice or text updates
  • Proactively provide relevant information on outages to consumers
  • Notify consumers if repair work is needed and what the ETA is
  • Notify consumers when service has been restored

Account & Profile

We securely collect account information with over 95% accuracy, eliminating the need for your customers to repeat themselves or speak to a live agent just to update a few details. Enable your customers to easily:

  • Create new accounts and update existing ones in real-time
  • Provide alphanumeric and other information without a live agent
  • Cost effectively update  logins and reset passwords

Proactive Communications

Whether planned or unplanned, outages and maintenance can frustrate both you and your customers. Keep your customers informed and at ease with voice and text-based proactive communications solutions that keep you ahead of the storm.

Use proactive communications to:

  • Provide detailed outage information
  • Notify customers if onsite service is necessary and the ETA
  • Inform customers of updates and when service will be restored
  • Survey customers after the issues have been resolved

Services Calls & Appointments

Interactions self-service solutions make scheduling and updating appointments fast and easy – saving you the cost of sending a service truck when no one’s home.

With self-service, you can effortlessly and cost effectively:

  • Set, confirm and reschedule appointments
  • Deliver interactive reminders that allow customers to quickly reschedule
  • Conduct surveys to collect feedback to show customers their opinions matter
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Effortless and Frustration Free

With Interactions, you can engage your customers in natural conversations, so they get more things done without the frustration of other automated systems.

  • Patented Adaptive Understanding™ technology delivers 95%+ accuracy
  • Resilient solutions easily handle accents, background noise and out-of-grammar phrases
  • Responsive technology conforms to callers’ intentions without forcing them down a prescribed path


Your customers want to communicate with you in their own words, through their channel of choice. Interactions helps you deliver a consistent, hassle-free level of service across the channels your customers use most.