Your customers are on the go. With Interactions,

your service can be too.

Interactions Mobile

Customers today demand multichannel service with their smartphones. Interactions Mobile Virtual Assistants integrate all available smartphone features for a rich self-service experience.

That means your customers don’t have to fire up a mobile app. Or talk or text to make a payment. All through a conversational mobile experience that increases engagement and lowers costs.

With Interactions Mobile, you make the most of mobile self-service


Open up new possibilities, including complex activities traditional solutions can’t provide.


Leverage customer location, history and more throughout the interaction and across channels.


Our mobile solutions learn and adapt to get even better based on customer input and machine learning.


Your mobile customers can speak and write naturally, not like a robot, even without a live agent.

Smarter care on smartphones: how it works

Expanding what’s possible with mobile customer care solutions starts with Interactions patented Adaptive UnderstandingTM technology. We enhance automated speech recognition with Human Assisted Understanding, letting our mobile virtual assistants deliver unprecedented comprehension and flexibility.

Customers call or text you using their own words, for a friendlier and more satisfying experience.

Adaptive UnderstandingTM Technology
  • Improve
  • Promote
  • Decrease Costs

When replying, our technology can make use of all supported smartphone contact features.

Your customers are impressed, and your live agents can focus on other tasks. With Interactions Mobile, your transformed customer experience on smaller screens can make a big difference.

Talk, text or link,
Interactions has you and your mobile customers covered.

Mobile and more: Our multichannel platform

Our Mobile Virtual Assistant offerings complement and enhance your other channels. Here’s how else you can benefit from conversational self-service solutions from Interactions.


Give customers a fully responsive self-service voice experience, enhanced with available smartphone features for mobile users.

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Seamlessly transition from texting to self-service voice, or start the dialogue by calling customers first.

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Make it convenient for customers to text with you as part of your mobile channel and plan to reduce live agent costs.

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Integrate web-based chat to deliver an automated yet natural – and cost-efficient – experience for your website visitors.

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