Engaging and cost-efficient customer care via text messaging?

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Interactions Texting

Text messaging is the fastest growing customer care channel. With Interactions Texting Virtual Assistants, you can give customers what they want the way they want it. From sending notifications to texting directions to your closest store, now you can take full advantage of texting. And because Interactions applications are responsive and accurate enough to reply to open-ended messages, conversations are natural and engaging.

It’s like your customers are messaging live agents, without the live agent costs. Your mobile customers get a better experience all while containing service to a channel that you and your customers prefer.

With Interactions Texting, you can impress with each text.

Cost Efficient

Productive automated customer experiences that reduce contact center agent costs


Take advantage of all your customers’ smartphone capabilities

Cross Channel

Increase satisfaction and loyalty with a personalized and seamless cross-channel experience


Fully conversational text-based interactions that engage customers how they want

Getting the message: how it works

Take the SOS out of SMS with conversational and frustration-free text messaging customer care. Interactions patented Adaptive UnderstandingTM technology pairs our automated speech recognition with Human Assisted Understanding to deliver unprecedented comprehension.

Customers reach out to you or respond to an outbound text. Each exchange is conversational and feels natural for customers.

Adaptive UnderstandingTM Technology
  • Improve
  • Promote
  • Decrease Costs

And you can increase customer satisfaction, while reaping the full economic benefits of self-service.

With Interactions, your automated text messaging solution can handle whatever your customers’ thumbs send your way.

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First text, what’s next?

Texting with your mobile customers is increasingly popular. But don’t stop there – Interactions simplifies and solves your other channels’ challenges too.


How do you want to start the conversation? Interactions lets you proactively engage customers instead of simply reacting to inbound calls.

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Customers can speak in full sentences and have satisfying, productive conversations. Go ahead, skip the clumsy phone tree: your customers do too.

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Give smartphone users a smarter way to get things done. Interactions makes it easy to augment calls with text messages, map information and more.

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Deliver the same conversational customer care you expect from Interactions through cost-effective chat.

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