Our policy: quick, easy customer service that your policyholders can access anytime, anywhere.

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Get your policyholders the help they need — without the wait.

Whether it’s processing a claim or obtaining benefit information, when your policyholders reach out to you it’s because they need help. So it’s important to provide quick, easy customer service that’s available when and where your policyholders need it. With Intelligent Virtual Assistants, you can offer more in self-service without increasing costs. And since we can automate the upfront claim submission process, your policyholders don’t have to wait to get the help they need, while your agents receive accurate and consistent information every time.

Insurance customer care you can count on.

Claim Submission and Management

Don’t make policyholders wait to get the claim submission process started. With Interactions, you can automate the First Notice of Loss information gathering stage. We can collect information quickly and consistently, providing your agents with accurate and complete data and freeing them up to handle more sensitive policyholder issues. And once a claim has been submitted, your customers can quickly and easily check the status of their claims.

Benefit Management

We make it easy for policyholders to quickly get the information they need, by providing updates on benefits, coverage dates, account balances and more.

Policy Enrollment

Only Interactions solutions can accurately collect the complex information that allows your policyholders to easily enroll in new policies using self-service. And once they’ve enrolled, policyholders can create and update account preferences without the assistance of a live agent.


Give your customers convenient, personalized access to secure information — without having to remember cumbersome PINs and passwords. Interactions Voice Biometrics allows you to verify a customer’s identity using the unique characteristics of the human voice to provide fast, secure, and convenient authentication.

Proactive Communications

Keep your policyholders updated with the information they need to know by providing outbound notifications. Interactions solutions can send alerts when coverage is expiring, and share personalized recommendations on additional coverage options.

Billing and Collections

Interactions billing and collections solutions make it easier for customers to set up automatic payments and paperless billing, provide balance information, process payment information, remind customers about near due payments, and more.

More than half of consumers are only willing to spend up to five minutes resolving a simple issue.

Over 40% of patients and consumers believe they spend too much time and effort getting issues resolved.

More than half of consumers say their goal is to resolve an issue as quickly as possible.

“With Interactions, people with Medicare are able to enroll more quickly, which provides a better overall experience for our members.”

– Alex Wheatley, VP, Humana


The Current State of Customer Care

Customers are increasingly making purchase decisions not just based on product and price, but also based on a company’s reputation for providing superior customer service. In order to explore this topic, Interactions conducted an online research survey that evaluated consumer purchasing habits as they relate to customer experience.


5 Things that Drive up Customer Effort (and How to Fix Them)

Over 40% of customers are already frustrated before they reach out to an organization to resolve issue. Consumers want to get things done quickly and easily and their expectations are at an all-time high — no matter the channel they use to get there.


Intelligent Virtual Assistants

A “conversation” with a customer should feel like a conversation with a live person. Companies often have trouble making this connection and in turn, leave issues unsolved and frustrated customers.

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