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Give your guests a worry free travel experience that keeps them coming back for more

These are unprecedented times, show your guests you're going to unprecedented lengths to welcome them by providing comprehensive and consistent service at every touchpoint of the customer journey. For travel and hospitality brands, the challenge becomes providing a seamless, fast and personalized customer service experience without raising costs. With an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) from Interactions, customers can have travel details at their fingertips from take-off, to check-in, to departure, and through the inevitable changes in travel plans.

We make traveling a breeze.

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Reservations and Booking

Reduce call handle times and make trip planning a breeze. With Interactions solutions, allow your guests and passengers to locate preferred properties, check availability, make or change reservations, handle credits and refunds and check airline schedules and rental car rates. All helping to decrease the cost to book.

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Travel Credits & Refunds

The new increase in unexpected guest travel changes makes for a new volume of credits and refunds, which can be daunting and expensive. Interactions IVA can streamline issuing and using travel credit and handling refunds. This gives your guests the reassurance they need to rebook their next trip with you and saves your live agents time for handling other complex issues.

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Contactless Concierge

Streamline the guest experience as part of your Covid-19 strategy with our Intelligent Virtual Assistant. By interacting naturally with your guests, our IVA can handle contactless guest registration and check-outs, provide information on in-room amenities, respond to inquiries and provide personalized recommendations for local restaurants and attractions.

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Travel Logistics & Safety Communications

Keep your guests in the know about all of their travel details by providing gate information and ground transportation logistics, responding to travel interruptions with automated alternatives, and offering timely upgrades and promotions. Send safety protocol details and reminders during key parts of their journey to help ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

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Guest Account Updates

With Interactions, your guests don’t have to repeat themselves or transfer to complete simple transactions like setting preferences or securely completing a login or password reset.

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Loyalty & Rewards

Maintain your brand loyalty by offering guests quick and easy access to their rewards program, including obtaining balance information, requesting travel awards, enrolling new members, and responding to questions.


For 83% of customers, the goal is to complete an interaction as quickly and easily as possible, regardless of whether they do so by talking to an agent or using an automated system.


More than half of consumers are only willing to spend up to five minutes resolving a simple issue.


86% of consumers have stopped doing business with certain with a company based on a poor customer service experience.

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Calculate how an Intelligent Virtual Assistant can supercharge your profitability and liberate agents for high-value activities. Get personalized results in minutes with our IVA Savings Calculator.

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