FRANKLIN, MA – May 29, 2017 – Interactions, LLC, the leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) for enterprise brands, today announced that Diversified Consultants, Inc (DCI), one of the nation’s leading telecom collection agencies, will be deploying its award-winning Intelligent Virtual Assistants to mitigate risk, reduce cost and ensure customer satisfaction.

Companies understand that customers can unexpectedly become overextended or lose track of a payment. And while collecting overdue payments is necessary, there’s still a need to maintain long-standing relationships with customers. Simultaneously, there is a need for consistency in regulatory standards and compliance. To ensure these standards are met across the board, DCI turned to Interactions to provide a convenient, polite and human approach to garnering overdue payments and shepherding long-term relationships with customers.

Through a catered Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistants solution, DCI will bring a modernized customer experience to the collections industry. Unlike traditional customer care technology, Intelligent Virtual Assistants combine artificial intelligence with human understanding to deliver the best possible interaction. For DCI, this means using automation to deliver consistent service and reduce cost per collection.

“Collections is a complex industry. Our customer conversations have to be flexible and human-like in order to negotiate, understand significant savings opportunities, and set up payment arrangements,” said Michael Anna, Chief Marketing Officer at DCI. “With Interactions, we’re able to provide this level of understanding using technology with a human touch. We’re providing an incredible customer experience and strengthening perceptions around collection agencies.”

Interactions use of automation and AI is especially important for the collections industry as agencies look to create new ways to lower costs per collection and reduce risk. Interactions is uniquely positioned to deliver on both inbound and outbound solutions. Its Intelligent Virtual Assistants add a layer of consistency and process, meaning agencies can easily serve consumers in the most effective manner, even among a growing regulation landscape.

“DCI has been at the forefront of innovations in collections that help both businesses and consumers manage and resolve their debts,” said Jane Price, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Interactions. “We’re pleased to welcome DCI to the growing roster of forward-thinking organizations that embrace a more modernized approach to customer care interactions.”

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