FRANKLIN, MA., May 13, 2019 Interactions, LLC, the leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs), today announced that its MAXIMUS Intelligent Assistant has received Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Authorization. The authorization comes nearly two years after Interactions partnered with MAXIMUS, a leading provider of government services worldwide, to bring Intelligent Virtual Assistants to federal agencies. With the FedRAMP Authorization, the MAXIMUS Intelligent Assistant powered by Interactions meets the stringent security requirements necessary to work with the federal government and allows agencies to facilitate secure and productive conversations with citizens.

By enhancing self-service offerings in the public sector, people can quickly and securely complete a number of transactions that would otherwise require waiting for assistance from a human agent, including general inquiries, registration and enrollment, and benefits eligibility. The solution is powered by Interactions proprietary Adaptive Understanding technology, which combines conversational artificial intelligence (AI) with human understanding to create positive and impactful customer experiences.

“Security and privacy is foundational to everything we do, and is especially important to federal agencies and the citizens they serve,” said Dave Rennyson, Chief Revenue Officer of Interactions. “With the FedRAMP Authorization, our MAXIMUS Intelligent Assistant will meet the stringent security requirements of federal agencies, allowing us to expand the impact of our advanced conversational AI to support and serve a broader range of government organizations.”

Beyond the efficiency gained with self-service options, the FedRAMP Authorized MAXIMUS Intelligent Assistant can help mitigate security concerns for federal agencies that are often exposed to citizens’ sensitive or private information. A recent Interactions study conducted with The Harris Poll found that the majority of Americans (76 percent) would be comfortable with a human agent not being involved in a customer service conversation concerning financial information or personal issues. This in mind, applying Intelligent Virtual Assistants in the public sector—where delicate topics often arise—will bring ease to citizens while saving valuable taxpayer dollars for federal agencies.  

“When citizens reach out to government agencies, they increasingly expect an efficient and seamless experience that compares to the commercial world,” said Bruce Caswell, President and Chief Executive Officer of MAXIMUS. “Through our work with Interactions, we’ve been able to use the latest in conversational AI and machine learning to help meet citizen expectations. With the FedRAMP Authorization, the MAXIMUS Intelligent Assistant is able to meet the stringent security requirements of federal agencies, while delivering an innovative and cost-effective solution that can ultimately support mission objectives and provide the highest quality citizen services.”