Interactions Voice Biometrics Highlighted for Breadth of Offering in Report Covering “Solutions to Optichannel Challenges”

FRANKLIN, MA – October 18, 2017 – Interactions, LLC, a leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) for enterprise customer care, today announced that Interactions Voice Biometrics, released in 2016, was recognized by Opus Research as a “challenger” for contact center authentication among incumbent solutions, in the firm’s Voice Biometrics Intelliview Report.

The Opus Research Voice Biometrics Intelliview Report covers the organizational profiles and product features for enterprise executives who are considering services or platforms for voice-based authentication. Opus Research encompassed 19 vendors offering authentication solutions that include voice biometrics, and distinguished the award winning Interactions Voice Biometric product as a challenger in the contact center authentication category, noting the breadth of Interactions’ solution as a competitive differentiator.

“In recent years, there have been dramatic changes both to the capabilities of technology and the market opportunities for voice biometrics solution providers,” said Ravin Sanjith, Program Director, Intelligent Authentication at Opus Research. “Opus Research’s Voice Biometrics Intelliview Report is a single point of reference for enterprise executives to make sense of the voice-based authentication landscape and make important decisions as they build out their organization’s technology stack.”

Interactions Intelligent Assistants combine artificial intelligence with human understanding to help enterprise companies deliver highly conversational and efficient customer care. Combined with Interactions Voice Biometrics, consumers can easily authenticate with their voice, eliminating the need for complex passwords and pins. This is possible because Interactions Voice Biometrics analyzes voiceprints—unique combinations of 100+ physical and behavioral characteristics specific to a customer.

“Contact centers are changing along with their customers. Both are looking for faster, simpler and more modern ways to authenticate identity,” said Mary McKenna, Director of Product Management at Interactions. “For enterprises, especially those that deal with sensitive data, Interactions Voice Biometrics significantly increases security and improves call efficiency, all while lowering operating costs. We’re happy to be included in this Opus Research report.””

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