Voice Biometrics

Secure and Convenient Authentication

Adding Voice Biometrics to our Intelligent Virtual Assistant allows you to verify a customer’s identity using the unique characteristics of the human voice — giving your customers convenient access to secure information, while enabling personalization in everyday transactions.

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Because voice biometrics enrollment occurs within the Intelligent Virtual Assistant, it reduces the risk of social engineering, making you less vulnerable to fraud.

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Verify your customers using their voice to make authentication easier and improve the customer experience.

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Cost Effective

Voice biometrics reduces Average Handle Time for live agents by 30+ seconds per call on average, by handling the authentication. The service is hosted and managed by Interactions, so no IT deployment and support is required.

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Interactions updates voiceprints with every call and the voiceprint is adapted for any changes in the caller’s voice, so accuracy remains high.

How it works

As part of the Intelligent Virtual Assistant experience, Interactions collects customer consent and creates voiceprints.The voiceprint is securely encrypted and stored, and updated each time the customer calls customer service.

We support both Passive and Active authentication. Passive authentication requires no specific phrasing from the caller for voice biometric authentication. Active authentication requires the customer to speak a specific phrase — such as “My voice will be my password” — as agreed upon during enrollment. Liveness detection is also available for additional security.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Interactions Voice Biometrics provides a third factor for caller verification. The Interactions Virtual Assistant can apply up to three different authentication factors for enhanced security.


Something you know, including password, PIN, or the last four digits of a social security number, etc.


Something you have, including a phone ANI match or a device ID match


Something you are, using the caller’s unique voiceprint for verification

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