Interactions VCA provides 24/7 conversational self-service options for NCB customers

Trevose, PA and Franklin, MA — January, 27, 2022 — NCB Management Services, Inc. (NCB), an industry leader in accounts receivable management (ARM) and a well-respected debt buyer, and Interactions, one of the world’s largest standalone artificial intelligence (AI) companies, today announced the live launch of the Interactions Virtual Collection Agent (VCA). The two companies worked closely together for several months to prepare, integrate and test the VCA to provide streamlined, conversational self-service experiences for NCB customers, 24/7.

NCB has been a respected leader in the ARM and debt buying industry for nearly 30 years. Today, the company is at the forefront of deploying new technologies to power efficient, fair and people-centric conversations with its customers while navigating an increasingly-complex regulatory environment, with new rules like Regulatory F that stipulate conditions for engaging with consumers in the ARM space. As NCB continues to grow, the company needed a flexible solution that would enable customers to efficiently and effectively manage their finances at any time. 

“At NCB, it’s critically important to us that we never miss a call from a customer; with Interactions VCA, we never will,” said Ralph Liberio, President and CEO at NCB Management Services, Inc. “Together with Interactions, we enable our customers to engage with us on their own time and their own terms, creating an easy, enjoyable and empowering experience.” 

Backed by Interactions advanced proprietary AI technology, Interactions VCA powers human-like conversations, at scale—freeing customers to speak in their own words, and agents to focus on only the most complex tasks. At NCB, Interactions VCA will begin by managing tasks like greetings and disclaimers, identification and verification, wrong number or wrong party conversations, intent recognition, routing and payments. Over time, the scope will expand to include additional interactions like payment negotiations, settlements, scheduling callbacks, disputing debt, FAQs and requests for documentation.

“As an industry leader, NCB helps set the standard for the entire ARM space,” said Cathal McCarthy, President at Interactions. “Backed by new technologies like Interactions VCA, NCB can ensure that standard includes flexible, consumer-centric experiences for every customer, every time.” 

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