The collaboration combines two best-in-class conversational AI solutions to deliver unprecedented accuracy, productivity, and customer satisfaction in the contact center

Franklin, Mass. — September 22, 2022 — Interactions, the world leader in conversational artificial intelligence (AI), today announced a go-to-market collaboration with NVIDIA Riva to reshape the customer experience in the contact center and beyond.

The combination of the Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) with the NVIDIA Riva technology and its expanded language libraries delivers in certain cases the most human-like customer experience solution on the market.

This integration means end customers can get the great service they need, instantly and painlessly. For new businesses working with Interactions, this technology option means satisfied, loyal customers, improved operational efficiency and an increased bottom line. 

“By integrating Riva with its expanded language libraries into Interactions, we’re empowering the world’s most customer-centric brands to reshape their customer-support ecosystems using a combined best-in-class AI and human experience,” said Michael Iacobucci, CEO of Interactions. “Interactions uplevels contact-center performance in a fundamental way by reducing wait and handle times, significantly increasing self-service efficiency, and ultimately delivering greater customer satisfaction.”  

“Riva enables customization at every stage of speech AI pipelines, empowering customers to build unique solutions that can easily meet the requirements of even the world’s highest performing enterprises,” said Hemant Dhulla, GM of Conversational AI at NVIDIA. “By choosing NVIDIA Riva, Interactions is creating solutions that provide the real-time customer experience that today’s consumers demand.”

Unique Best-in-Class Solution for Businesses

Interactions has a nearly 20-year track record of delivering exceptional customer experiences for the world’s most well-known brands. The company annually facilitates more than 1 billion real-time conversations through its patented combination of AI and human understanding. 

NVIDIA Riva provides best-in-class speech AI through its accelerated software development kit (SDK) running on NVIDIA GPUs. Speech AI applications built with Riva provide better services and improved customer experiences and engagement.

Riva integration into the Interactions IVA architecture delivers a highly customizable automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) technology, solving customers’ unique problems. The unique value Interactions brings is its patented Human Assisted Understanding (HAU) model which provides real-time understanding to keep conversations moving forward without disruption. Interactions has developed a unique capability of redacting personal or payment information to maintain the highest level of privacy. Customers have the ultimate flexibility to deploy the solution wherever their data is: in the cloud, on-prem or hybrid. Interactions works with NVIDIA to provide businesses with the most accurate and human-like solution.  

Interactions at NVIDIA GTC

The integrated solution was presented at NVIDIA GTC.  

The solution is available in production now. In the last year, Interactions has used NVIDIA technology to process millions of calls at a leading retail brand, where it achieved significant self-service improvement rates. Additionally, Interactions has deployed the solution into, a global leader in customer service. 

Learn how Interactions can enhance customer experience at your company here.