Digital Transformation for Insurers
August 12, 2021 • 5 minute read

Customer-Centric Digital Transformation for Insurers

With 15+ years of Conversational AI experience here at Interactions, we know what matters most to customers–efficient resolutions, human-like and empathetic dialog, and an overall comfortable and satisfying experience. We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be leveraging our knowledge from millions of industry focused conversations and design expertise into the Insurance space. We know one thing for sure, policyholders deserve more, and we’re ready to deliver. That’s why we’re announcing Interactions IVA for Insurance–our latest vertical solution that’s designed and deployed for the unique needs and challenges specific for insurers and policyholders. 

Conversational AI solutions, like Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA), are being used more and more to support successful digital transformation initiatives around improving CX by offering a cohesive, integrated, and conversational solution that automates seamlessly across the customer journey and the insurance industry is no different. 

We Drive Customer-Centric Disruption

Insurers are at the brink of a major transformation because customer preferences have dramatically changed. Increased automation to support self-service and digital engagement is non-negotiable across all industries, but this rings especially true for insurers. We live in a world where you can get a new quote for car or home insurance in minutes on a website then make a selection and enroll shortly after. It’s no wonder that policyholders have an expectation that they will be able to leverage automation to get through their most pressing inquiries quickly without any friction.

Put yourself in the shoes of a policyholder. We can all agree that the very last thing you want to do is contact your insurer to make any change or update to your policy, never mind actually make a drastic shift between providers.  Why is that? Well, it’s pretty simple. You know it’s going to be painful and time consuming.

Today’s customer journey in the Insurance arena hasn’t yet met the digital demand of consumers. We’re here to fix that.

As consumers, we have fast access to almost all of the information that we need to make insurance related decisions. Why would we want to wait in a queue to speak to a live agent about a decision that’s already been made? This feels unnecessary and frustrating in a time where we expect to be able to leverage our channel of choice to quickly resolve whatever is on our plate. Opportunities to efficiently self-serve will unblock the policyholder journey from policy evaluation and selection, to policy management, and even to submitting and following up on a claim. 

We Lead with Empathy

While some vendors have focused on creating simple and rigid ‘answer’ bots to deliver FAQs and respond to simple inquiries, here at Interactions we’ve realized that there’s a secret to success in Insurance. That secret, but essential ingredient is empathy. Upset, nervous, and shaken customers are all too familiar to insurers, who are in the business of providing comfort and care in times of need for their customers. IVA for Insurance can support this type of interaction by approaching each customer with empathy from the moment that customer starts a conversation. Policyholders calling in distress will be met with a kind and empathetic IVA, and be taken care of immediately without any hold times or frustration. This sort of interaction leaves them feeling supported and respected, creating a long-term and loyal relationship between policyholder and insurer.

Here at Interactions we’ve realized that there’s a secret to success in Insurance. That secret, but essential ingredient is empathy.

We Create Harmony Between Channels for Policyholders

We know that customers engage with brands in a different way than they did in years past. Today’s expectation is that the customer will have the ability to communicate through the channel most convenient to them at that given moment. By optimizing channel choice based on customer and industry data, an IVA can meet this expectation. It seems simple enough, but this can be ground breaking for those focused on improving CX in insurance. 

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a policyholder again. We’ve all been there, so envision a situation where you need a tow or auto support. In your state of stress and panic, your instinct might be to call your insurer immediately for support, but a truly omnichannel experience would involve sharing location via text, or allowing you to type to fill in the necessary forms. The integration between channels creates a cohesive and harmonious experience for a policyholder, and it gets them through their task in the most caring and efficient way.

We’re proud and honored to bring more than 15 years of leading industry experience to the Insurance arena to facilitate meaningful and empathetic interactions between insurers and policyholders. Learn more about our IVA for Insurance here.

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