September 8, 2023 • 8 minute read

Interactions IVA: taking the dread out of contacting customer service

Getting stuck in a loop or being misunderstood by an automated customer care system brings out the worst in humanity. If recordings were published, your grandmother would surely blush!

Thankfully, customer service tools have advanced in recent years, and AI is accelerating the change. Brands committed to creating exceptional customer experiences have turned to conversational AI solutions like Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA). These AI assistants are so powerful because they provide faster and more varied ways to get support. IVAs may seem like a golden ticket to ensure customers no longer have to listen to hold music for twenty-eight minutes to get help. However, not all AI virtual assistants are created equal.

Our AI is developed specifically for contact centers.

Interactions has built our IVA from the ground-up, with more than 125 patents accumulated over the last 15+ years, resulting in our patented Curo(™) AI suite incorporating Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Dialog Management. This infrastructure powers all communication channels and drives 97% intent recognition accuracy – a notable result compared to competitors who use “bolt-on” third-party AI services that don’t deliver the same accuracy.

To put it frankly, our AI is purpose built for contact centers and improved customer experiences. We’ve got hundreds of millions of contact center conversation data that has trained Curo. It’s not a generic AI like many other competitors. What this really means for you is that you can hit the ground running with our AI because it’s designed for contact centers, faster to deploy into the market, and needs minimum training. To summarize, we’ve got more experience and technology rolled into our IVA than most other AI assistants in the market today.

We play nice with others.

Interactions IVA works with your existing technology stack instead of forcing you into another ecosystem. It’s fully managed and works well with contact center platforms (both on-premise and cloud-based), CRMs, POS, loyalty programs, and more meaning your existing tech investment is protected (now, that’s what we call a huge win!). Plus, implementation and updates for the application are easier than many competitor solutions with no extra staff needed. Guess what? Now, you won’t have to have that awkward breakup lunch with your current solution providers or carry around that relational baggage.

AI and Humans working together.

Customers don’t just want to be heard; they want to be understood. That’s why Interactions was the first to patent and commercialize the use of human-in-the-loop, in-conversation Human Augmented Understanding (HUA) and Human Augmented Task Completion (TO). All those sophisticated terms mean that our IVA works with humans as part of its workflow. It empowers customers to self-serve even the most complex use cases. And when conversations need a human touch, customers are seamlessly transferred to a live agent, along with the conversation context and any data collected, with no delays or frustration. Sounds smart, doesn’t it?

Just like a real person.

Interactions IVA has 97% intent accuracy, so your customers will no longer want to throw their phones across the room. Instead of hearing, “I’m sorry, I didn’t get that,” customers can speak and type in their own words and be understood. They can use their preferred language with our multi-lingual support. Studies show that Interactions IVA is able to understand an average of twice as many utterances than other AI assistants, giving it the ability to carry out meaningful conversations.

Interactions vs Competitors by the Numbers – An independent vendor ran a comparison between Interactions IVA and a competitor’s application, tracking how each solution handled automating a number of different use cases and conversation types. They plotted their findings on the graph above.

Your boss will thank you.

Everyone wants to be the favorite, and you will be when your boss sees the decrease in operational expenses and increased revenue potential of Interactions IVA. Your contact center agents will be happier too! They get to do higher-value work now that their AI personal assistant is handling the routine and repetitive stuff.  

If you need some bullet points for an Interactions IVA PowerPoint presentation to your management, here are a few of the business outcomes our customers see:

  • Faster time-to-value: 3-4 months to break-even
  • Reduced cost-to-serve
  • Short time-to-market: <90 days to deploy
  • OpEx savings
  • Self-service automation
  • Improved CX (CSAT, NPS, etc.)
  • Revenue generation through self-service payments processed
  • AHT savings 
  • Reduced IT workload with a fully managed model

Plus, here are examples of real customer returns across a variety of industries when they made the switch from another company that provides AI virtual assistants to Interactions:

  • Fortune 100 bank increased CSAT score to 4.7/5 with automation of payments, balance inquiry, and card activation
  • Global tax services provider handled spikes in call volume without need for additional agents during peak times of the year, including 5 million calls during 2022 tax season
  • Fortune 100 telco realized $90m in self-service, AHT, and retention savings per year via intent capture, routing, and FAQ
  • Fortune 100 retailer gained more than $25 million in savings/cost avoidance via gift card balance management, order tracking, and answering FAQs
  • Multiple leading U.S. utility providers processed 7 million payments annually

“I manage thousands of vendors and Interactions stands out. The collaboration we have is consultative. There have been many tangible benefits but, for us, it’s been the big save to the bottom line that is the magic of the relationship.” – Transformation leader, Fortune 100 bank

Success is everything.

We’re not just a vendor. We’re your partner. While that might sound trite, we back it up by pricing our solution based on your success. Together we determine what success looks like (beyond the obvious of retiring to a tropical island without a care in the world). Whether you want to increase automation by x%, reduce cost-per-call or improve AHT, you’ll only pay for successfully completed transactions that help achieve your goal. And since we have skin in the game, we don’t walk away after implementation. Our team makes continuous improvements to ensure the IVA meets your changing needs and business goals (like free churro Fridays—it could be a thing!).

We practice what we preach. Learn more about our Success-Based Pricing Model.
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A consistent voice.

Interactions optichannel IVA is like that friend that always shows up at the right time with your favorite coffee or cookies. No matter what channel your customers prefer, our IVA is there. Not in a creepy way, though! It’s also smart enough to let your customers switch communication channels and pause/pick up conversations like it hasn’t been five years since they’ve called.

To learn more about the benefits of optichannel CX, check out our Guide to Optimizing Channel Choice for a Revolutionary Customer Experience.
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Customer protection at its best.

With Interactions IVA, we treat your customer call data like it’s our own. That’s why we have all these top credentials: SOC 2, Type 2 Audit, PCI-DSS, Level 1 Service Provider, and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

Curious how it works? Check out how security, privacy, and data integrity work at an Enterprise scale.
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The AI experience customers crave.

We get it, change can be hard. But traditional support models are so yesterday, and Interactions makes it easier to leverage the very best intelligent virtual assistant. Why not upgrade to Interactions IVA and give your customers the care they deserve?

  1. 3,780 times per month Interactions IVA is asked “are you a real person?”
  2. 4000 times per month customers say “thank you” to the IVA

 Interactions has been at this for more than 15 years and helps customer-obsessed brands—including those on the Fortune 50—handle more than two billion transactions annually. That’s a lot! But our IVA won’t stop until every client is recognized as a leader in customer experience in their industry. It literally can’t—we programmed it that way.

We’re super proud of our IVA and believe it’s the best in the industry. But don’t take our word for it. Hear our IVA in action and decide for yourself.  Take a listen here.

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