Benefits of Conversational AI
November 7, 2018 • 3 minute read

3 Revenue-Driving Benefits of Conversational AI

When it comes to the customer experience, consumer comfort levels with artificial intelligence can vary greatly depending on how the technology is applied. As we shared in a recent ebook, consumers often think AI is ‘creepy’ when it utilizes information they did not directly provide. In other circumstances, however, AI is seen as useful, particularly when it makes recommendations based on past interactions.

In a recent survey conducted by Interactions, we looked at how AI impacts the customer experience in order to better understand how companies can best apply this technology to their benefit. One takeaway from the research that was pretty clear: consumers prefer to interact with conversational AI. In fact, 79% of respondents said that one of the most useful capabilities of AI in providing a positive customer experience is the ability to use conversational words or phrases, as if they were talking to a human, rather than speaking “robot talk”. Additionally, 70% said they prefer interacting with a virtual assistant that has a human-like voice or personality as opposed to a computer-generated voice.

While this information is definitely interesting, it’s important to note that there are actual revenue-driving benefits of conversational AI and implementing AI solutions that customers find useful. Here are three important benefits of conversational AI, according to our research.

1. Increased Customer Satisfaction

If it’s done right, conversational AI has the ability to increase customer satisfaction. When asked how interacting with an AI solution that is consistently effective and quick in answering their questions would impact their experience, 63% of consumers said that they would be more satisfied with the company.

2. Increased Promotion

Beyond that, many consumers indicated that not only would they be more satisfied with a company that deploys a consistently effective AI solution, but they would also be willing to talk about it. Around 70% of respondents said they would be somewhat or very likely to participate in a customer satisfaction survey after a positive interaction with a company. Further, 69% said they would recommend the company to a family member or friend. And 49% would compliment the company on social media — meaning either rate them highly or leave positive feedback.

3. Increased Loyalty

Most importantly, the data shows that positive AI experiences will lead satisfied customers to increase their business with a company. We found that 60% of respondents would increase purchases with a company that provided a consistently effective, conversational AI experience.

The benefits of conversational AI solutions that provide consistently effective, efficient experiences for customers are clear: happier customers who are more likely to spread the word about your company, and even increase purchases with you. But designing an effective AI solution is about more than just creating a conversational solution — it needs to consider the channels your customers interact with you on, the types of interactions they have with you, and their personal preferences. That’s why companies should consider how to incorporate AI into their overall, integrated customer care strategy — instead of just searching for one-off or siloed solutions to problems.

To find out more about this research and read the full study results, download our ebook below.  

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