With $100 million+ in revenue, 500 employees and the industry’s most proven conversational AI platform, Interactions set its sights on accelerated growth

FRANKLIN, MASS., — October 15, 2019 — Today, Interactions, the world’s largest stand-alone artificial intelligence (AI) company, is proud to celebrate its fifteenth anniversary. Founded in 2004, Interactions has evolved into a leading player in the conversational AI market. Today, with global AI spending expected to hit $79.2 billion by 2022, Interactions is driving some of the most strategic and lucrative applications of conversational AI. 

In its early years, Interactions faced an uphill battle convincing skeptical business leaders of the value of a human understanding engine in the customer experience. But with an evolving technology stack and a passionate team dedicated to transforming the way companies and customers communicate, Interactions has both shaped the narrative around AI’s critical role in modern business and accelerated the development of productive AI applications. 

“When Interactions started out in 2004, a streamlined customer experience certainly wasn’t considered the business necessity that it is today,” said Michael Iacobucci, longstanding CEO of Interactions. “Our evolution and growing success can be attributed to two key factors: a passionate, hardworking team that believed in our core mission; and the invaluable, longstanding partnerships we’ve forged with forward-thinking companies that share our dedication to exceptional customer experiences.”

The company’s history is marked by a number of important moments, including the acquisitions of AT&T’s Watson platform in 2014 and social engagement tool Digital Roots in 2017.  More recently, Interactions strengthened its tech stack to make omnichannel customer engagement a reality, introduced conversational ordering to food services and expanded its global footprint with offices in London and India.

The company’s ongoing momentum is made possible by its fast growing team. This year, Interactions welcomed 150 new employees, bringing the total headcount to more than 500. Over the years, Interactions has attracted impressive technical talent to spearhead research in the space, gaining access to over 1,200 patents—a remarkable number for a company of its size. Additionally, the company has recently strengthened the executive team guiding its next phase of growth. This year, Interactions appointed a new Chief People Officer, Mary Clermont, and SVP of Product Management, Errol Apostolopoulos; and in 2018, the company welcomed Chief Revenue Officer Dave Rennyson, Chief Financial Officer Bruce Bowden and Chief Marketing Officer Jim Freeze

“When you’re growing as fast as we are, in a dynamic and disruptive industry, change and adaptability are constants, making Interactions an exciting and rewarding environment for career development,” said Phil Gray, EVP of Business Development and Interactions employee of ten years. “With the company evolving rapidly, our team has grown alongside it—learning to tackle the new challenges that come with scaling from two to 100 million in revenue.”

Today, Interactions manages over two billion transactions annually for leading enterprises like MetLife and Hyatt, with this number quickly growing to welcome new clients across finance, hospitality and telecommunications industries. For more information on Interactions, visit www.interactions.com