Interactions adds VeriCall™ for increased IVA fraud protection

FRANKLIN, MA – (December 4, 2018) – Interactions, LLC, the leading provider of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) for enterprise brands, today announced a partnership with Next Caller, a leader in phone fraud detection and call verification, to expand its breadth of security capabilities for IVA clients. Ensuring the security of Interactions clients’ and clients customers’ data is of utmost importance, and partnering with Next Caller will offer an additional layer of security to keep fraudulent callers at bay. This partnership builds on the strong foundation of safety and security measures aimed at providing Interactions’ clients with the most secure IVA platform on the market.

Next Caller’s unique ability to assess the threat level of inbound calls has made it a chosen solution for large financial, government and insurance institutions. With Next Caller’s VeriCall™ technology, Interactions IVA will be able to assess the threat level of an incoming call using the caller’s automatic number identification (ANI) and network info, and produce a ‘risk score’. This score will allow the IVA to determine how to handle the call, taking into account a client’s business protocols. For example, callers flagged as high risk may require additional authentication, or may be routed to a high risk live agent. Low risk scores may require fewer customer-facing hurdles during authentication, paving the way for a frictionless call experience. VeriCall™ can process risk in a matter of milliseconds, so there is no latency in the interaction.

Next Caller’s technology joins Interactions’ existing suite of security features, which includes multi-factor authentication methods, Voice Biometrics technology, and ANI and Voiceprint Blacklists. Interactions Voice Biometrics creates voiceprints of callers after collecting consent, which are securely encrypted and stored. ANI Blacklists cross reference a caller’s ANI with existing databases of blacklisted numbers. Similarly, Voiceprint Blacklists use the caller’s voiceprint to search an existing database of fraudster voiceprints. Each of these components ensures Interactions clients will have access to the latest security features available.

“At Interactions, security is a top priority,” said Mary McKenna, Director of Product Management at Interactions. “Customer service interactions generate massive amounts of data that are often sensitive, so being able to provide our clients with state of the art security is a must. With this enhanced security offering, we strengthen our commitment to protect our clients and their customers from security threats.”

“Our partnership with Interactions will provide sophisticated real-time call verification and authentication technology to their customers,” said Ian Roncoroni, Co-Founder and CEO of Next Caller. “Fraud is a growing problem for businesses today, and can be especially damaging to companies that have to deal with large amounts of customer data. One small mishap can provide a fraudster with enough personal information to steal a customer’s identity. At Next Caller, we work with our clients to help them understand business risks, and provide solutions to proactively address any vulnerabilities.”

In addition to Voice Biometrics, multi-factor authentication and ANI and Voiceprint blacklist lookup, all Interactions customers now have access to Next Caller’s VeriCall™ to maximize fraud detection capabilities while removing friction during the call experience for real customers. For more information, please visit