Voice Biometrics

Convenient, Secure Authentication –

Without Lengthy Enrollments or High Implementation Costs

Interactions Voice Biometrics

Provide fast, simple and safe authentication for your customers and eliminate the need for cumbersome passwords and PINs. With the combination of Interactions Intelligent Virtual Assistant and Voice Biometrics, you can verify a customer’s identity using the unique characteristics of each human voice, providing a secure authentication layer for account access and making everyday transactions both easy and convenient.

With Interactions Voice Biometrics, you can reduce fraud while increasing satisfaction.

Cost Effective

Reduce Average Handle Time for live agents by 30+ seconds per call on average when voice biometrics are used for authentication


Interactions Voice Biometrics is highly accurate, requiring just several seconds to enroll users and authenticate callers


Convenience, trust and better security improves Customer Satisfaction and reduces Customer Effort


Because voice biometrics reduces the risk of social engineering of agents, it is less vulnerable than PIN/Password and Challenge Questions

Tech talk: how it works

Interactions Voice Biometrics integrates seamlessly with our Voice Virtual Assistant, for quick setup and simple integration. Voiceprints are collected as part of normal conversation and securely encrypted and stored. This not only removes lengthy and cumbersome enrollment steps, but also eliminates the major upfront investment of traditional voice biometrics solutions.

Callers communicate as if they were speaking to a live agent, without frustration.

Adaptive UnderstandingTM Technology
  • Improve
  • Promote
  • Decrease Costs

And you can increase customer satisfaction, while reaping the full economic benefits of self-service.

Interactions Voice Biometrics supports both Active and Passive authentication. And since our Voice Biometrics product constantly updates customer Voiceprints with every call, authentication accuracy remains consistently high. The Voice Biometrics Virtual Assistant securely authenticates remote users to reduce fraud.

More than just a Virtual Assistant

When you need to extend your Intelligent Virtual Assistant, we are right there with you.


Customers can speak in full sentences and have satisfying, productive conversations. Go ahead, skip the clumsy phone tree: your customers do too.

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