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June 29, 2023 • 2 minute read

Harnessing the Power of CX Technology and Human Interaction in Customer Service

It’s not news to CX industry professionals that customer service expectations constantly change. Faced with that reality, brands must adapt their approach to customer service to meet them. Today that means harnessing the power CX technology and human interaction. This hybrid approach combines the efficiency and convenience of AI-driven solutions with the empathy and understanding that human agents provide. 

To determine consumer sentiment about using CX technology, Interactions surveyed 1,000 consumers in the United States in March 2023 and compiled the results in a report entitled “CX and the Consumer: Pitfalls and Possibilities.”

This post looks at a portion of the report focused on balancing CX technology with human agents. 

The Promising Role of CX Technology

The survey revealed that most respondents (87%) appreciate swift issue resolution using CX technology, the ability to communicate in natural language (49%), and the benefits of a seamless optichannel experience (49%). A majority (69%) also appreciate having tech-driven customer support options, such as virtual assistants, chat, and chatbots. 

However, ineffective CX technology can have a detrimental impact. Over a third of respondents (36%) cited unnatural “robot-speak” as a point of contention, and 47% were irritated at repeating themselves to incomprehensible technology.

Harnessing CX Technology and Human Interaction

Despite the benefits of AI-powered support, 36% of respondents express frustration when they cannot speak to a person about complex issues. Further, 53% favor bypassing restrictive dial menus, underlining the need to provide an efficient customer service experience.

Companies can implement the following best practices to enhance their CX capabilities: 

Integrate AI and Human Expertise

Deploy AI solutions that work with human agents, allowing for a seamless handoff between AI and live agents when necessary. 

Optimize AI Training

Continuously improve AI models with feedback from human agents to enhance the quality and accuracy of AI-powered responses, reducing the need for “robot-speak.” 

Personalize Customer Interactions

Leverage AI to analyze customer data and predict their needs, allowing human agents to provide personalized and tailored support

Empower Customer Service Agents

Equip customer service agents with the knowledge and tools to address customer concerns efficiently and empathetically. 

Download the full “CX and the Consumer: Pitfalls and Possibilities” report to learn how to harness the power CX technology and human interaction to achieve customer service excellence.

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