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Can Conversational Virtual Assistants Offer a Better Way to Travel?

May 24, 2016 Recently, my family and I traveled from Boston to a vacation out West, leaving the cold, snowless city in search of sun and better skiing. We flew a national airline, rented a car, and stayed in a vacation rental home — all booked online. Mostly, it went fine.
Michael Roche
Michael Roche  |  Intelligent Virtual Assistant

The Future of Automated Customer Care is a Bright One

May 10, 2016 Recently, I hosted a forward-thinking interactive session at Frost & Sullivan Customer Contact East titled “Automated Customer Care with a Human Touch.” Based on the findings from a recent study on consumers’ experiences with automated customer service interfaces, the session raised some interesting points about the current state of customer care.
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Simplifying Your Customer Care Journey

April 21, 2016 Did you know that the majority of consumers contact companies on multiple channels just to resolve a single issue? This means that your customers are browsing, typing and calling just to get something done – which can make the customer care journey feel more like a hike.
Interactions  |  Customer Care

Why Your Customer Care Journey Might be More of a Hike

April 19, 2016 Did you know that the majority of customers start their journey online, before branching out to other service channels in search of a solution? This means that your customers might be spending a lot of time searching, chatting or calling to find the answer that they need.
Michael Pell
Michael Pell  |  Customer Care

Best Practice Series: Designing for Customer Experience

April 5, 2016 For many companies, an automated phone system, such as Interactive Voice Response (IVR), is the first and most critical interaction your customers will have with your customer experience journey. It’s therefore an important time for your business to stand out by delivering superior customer service that results in a competitive advantage.

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