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June 15, 2023 • 2 minute read

The State of Customer Service Today: Addressing Consumer Frustration and Dissatisfaction

The recently published “CX and the Consumer: Pitfalls and Possibilities” report from Interactions, based on a survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers conducted in March 2023, reveals a disturbing trend: most companies are falling short of meeting customer expectations, leading to widespread frustration and dissatisfaction. 

With 76% of consumers expecting better customer service than they currently receive and 55% asserting that customer service is deteriorating, businesses must pay close attention to their customer service capabilities and address specific concerns.

According to the report, consumers identified long hold times (77%), multiple transfers (60%), struggling to get questions answered (42%), dissatisfying experiences with agents (26%), and the inability to contact a company at any time (28%) or on any channel (18%) as the primary culprits. 

The report even noted that a sizable percentage would prefer to get a cavity filled (38%), plunge a toilet (37%), or retake the SATS (32%) than contact customer service. 

The use of CX technology is one promising avenue for addressing these concerns, the report says. Significantly, 87% of respondents appreciate quickly resolving their questions and concerns using CX technology, and 65% like it when they can reach the right department on their first try. 

Not all technology serves consumers equally, however. Ineffective CX technology drove 36% of consumers to frustration, particularly when they have to engage in unnatural “robot-speak” to be understood. What’s more, 47% of respondents express annoyance at having to repeat themselves to technology that can’t understand them.

To improve their customer service capabilities, companies should focus on reducing hold times and transfers, enhancing agent training, providing 24/7 optichannel support, and implementing advanced AI technologies to streamline interactions and improve understanding.

Access the full “CX and the Consumer: Pitfalls and Possibilities” report to learn more about how to unlock the potential of customer service for business success.

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