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Cost Constraints

Cost Constraints Force Customers to Settle for Less-than-optimal CX

Cost constraints may lead some companies to prioritize downsizing measures over investing in customer experience (CX). Click to learn about optimal CX!
Interactions March 2, 2023 | 3 min read
Financial Stability with CX

How to achieve financial stability in a recession with CX agility

Learn about our best practices for achieving financial stability with CX agility to keep your business stable during a recession.
Interactions November 21, 2022 | 3 min read
Recession is coming

If a recession is coming, is your contact center ready?

With the talks of a recession looming around us, there’s no better time for companies to future-proof their contact center for whatever may come our way this year (and beyond).  Learn how Conversational AI can help in this blog.
Interactions July 22, 2022 | 3 min read
How Conversational AI Can Optimize Your Workforce

How Conversational AI Can Optimize Your Workforce

Learn 6 reasons that investing in Conversational AI applications can optimize contact center workforce.
Interactions July 7, 2022 | 3 min read
CFO - Cost / Value

Investing in CX: A CFOs Guide to Automation

A CFO plays a big role in financing a Conversational AI solution, but did you know they can also reap major benefits? Learn the impact that Conversational AI can have on a company's finances in this blog.
Interactions October 1, 2020 | 4 min read
What the pandemic clarifies about AI

What the Pandemic Clarifies About AI in Business

What we’re seeing today—the false notion that AI is a one size fits all, comprehensive solution—is not new. In fact, it underscores a longstanding fallacy in the business world: that developing a “core competency” around AI will lead to success. Now more than ever, it’s clear to me that the most productive approach to AI starts with three critical steps.
Mike Iacobucci
Mike Iacobucci August 5, 2020 | 5 min read
Agent and IVAs: Better Together

Live Agents and Virtual Assistants: Better Together

Businesses using Conversational AI applications like virtual assistants are experiencing a new benefit: improved agent experience. Read more about how live agents and virtual assistants are better together in our blog.
Interactions July 9, 2020 | 5 min read
Agent Experience

3 Ways to Improve Agent Experience with Technology

Conversational AI is known for improving customer experience, but did you know that it can also improve agent experience? Learn three ways that technology can help elevate agent value in our blog.
Interactions June 18, 2020 | 4 min read
Strategic Innovation AI

Implementing AI with Strategic Innovation in mind

As businesses try to maintain business continuity with limited resources, many are looking at AI to solve all their problems. But will it? Learn Erin Stewart's 3-pronged approach to examine AI opportunities to ensure they're strategically innovative and can successfully fit into your larger business strategy.
Interactions April 30, 2020 | 4 min read
BCP Contact center

5 Tips for Successful Business Continuity Planning for Contact Centers

During unpredictable emergencies, contact centers can take a hard hit. Learn what to include in your Contact Center BCP to make emergencies easier to handle.
Interactions April 9, 2020 | 5 min read
Success Based Pricing Model Banner

Success-Based Pricing Model: What does it really mean?

Learn about the types of pricing models that are common for Conversational AI Vendors, and what you can infer about the different vendors based on the models they use.
Interactions December 4, 2019 | 5 min read
Voice in a Digital World Banner

Voice in a Digital World

While texting and chat may seem like all the craze, a well-designed voice platform can actually assist customers faster and with less effort. Learn about how voice can be used as a business advantage in a world where the focus is on screens.
Interactions October 25, 2019 | 3 min read

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