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Mike Iacobucci
Mike Iacobucci  |  Business Benefits

What the Pandemic Clarifies About AI in Business

August 5, 2020 What we’re seeing today—the false notion that AI is a one size fits all, comprehensive solution—is not new. In fact, it underscores a longstanding fallacy in the business world: that developing a “core competency” around AI will lead to success. Now more than ever, it’s clear to me that the most productive approach to AI starts with three critical steps.
Phil Fougere
Phil Fougere  |  Industry

The Power of Voice for Utility Providers

July 29, 2020 The utility sector has lagged behind other industries in making digital engagement a high priority. However, it’s vital for contact centers to scale to meet increased demand and be more responsive to customer needs. Learn how utility providers can use Conversational AI to help scale their contact center operations in this blog.
Priyanka Tiwari
Priyanka Tiwari  |  Industry

Introducing Interactions Virtual Collection Agent

July 22, 2020 The collections industry is ready for disruption. Learn how our Virtual Collection Agent can help in this blog.
Kate O'Connell
Kate O'Connell  |  Business Benefits

Live Agents and Virtual Assistants: Better Together

July 9, 2020 Businesses using Conversational AI applications like virtual assistants are experiencing a new benefit: improved agent experience. Read more about how live agents and virtual assistants are better together in our blog.
McCall Peltier
McCall Peltier  |  Industry

Thriving Amidst Rapid Change: Conversational AI and Collections

July 2, 2020 The collections industry is facing challenges due to the pandemic. Learn how Conversational AI could be the answer in our blog.

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