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Megan Haas  |  Customer Experience

3 Reasons Why Marketing is Important to Your Customer Care

March 13, 2019 Although traditionally they may seem unrelated, marketing and your customer care strategy actually have a lot in common-- the biggest thing being your customers. As a marketer it’s important to be involved in every part of your customer’s experience with a brand, as any point of contact can have a major impact on future revenue and customer retention.
Interactions  |  Intelligent Virtual Assistant

5 Ways Conversational AI Can Help Your Restaurant

March 6, 2019 Today, people are busier than ever, and eating out is just as common as eating in. With conversational AI, you can  let your customers order food and engage with your restaurant digitally while freeing up resources to focus on more crucial tasks.
Jim Freeze
Jim Freeze  |  Virtual Assistants

Why the Human Touch is Crucial to AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

February 27, 2019 We’ve talked in length about the reputation AI tends to have - overpowering and sometimes downright creepy. But, what’s not talked about enough is the fact that the importance of humans thrown into the mix can’t be understated. Without humans, every word uttered or typed has a certain emptiness to it, seeming – for lack of a better word – robotic.
Interactions  |  Virtual Assistants

The Truth Behind Why Chatbots are Failing Customers

February 20, 2019 While the chatbot may be having its 15 minutes of fame, they’re definitely not as efficient as they’re hyped up to be. We’ve rounded up the top 3 takeaways from Forrester's newest findings.
Priyanka Tiwari
Priyanka Tiwari  |  Intelligent Virtual Assistant

3 Reasons to Consider Hiring Digital Talent

February 13, 2019 With the advancements in speech recognition, natural language processing (NLP) and dialog management, AI can have human-like conversations with customers and take over typical customer service tasks. Let's look at some of the top reasons why an AI-powered digital employee can be your best hire in 2019.

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