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Priyanka Tiwari
Priyanka Tiwari  |  Customer Experience

Maintaining Customer Service Excellence in the midst of an Emergency

March 19, 2020 During sudden emergencies, such as the Coronavirus pandemic, contact centers may experience unprecedented call spikes, and possibly with a shortage of live agents. Without time to properly implement a plan, these situations can put great strain on contact center resources and result in poor customer experience. We've put together a list of 4 ways that contact centers can still maintain customer service excellence to all customers who need support, despite high call volumes.
Megan Haas  |  Technology

The State of AI Decision-Making

March 12, 2020 To get a better understanding of successful AI implementations, we worked with The Harris Poll to gather data from mid-to-high-level executives about the planning process and organizational effort behind AI decisions. Read our blog to see what we found.
Nicholas Ruiz
Nicholas Ruiz  |  Technology

Five reasons why AI teams should in-source data labeling

March 6, 2020 In-sourcing data annotation on AI teams has many advantages over outsourcing. Read our blog to discover the five reasons why.
Lisa Michaud
Lisa Michaud  |  Virtual Assistants

The Virtual Assistant as Shopping Advisor

February 28, 2020 Some retail shoppers need a little more help than others. Learn how a virtual assistant can help different types of shoppers find what they need to increase sales and improve customer experience.
Megan Haas  |  Customer Experience

Checklist for Digital Transformation

February 20, 2020 Digital transformation is not an easy undertaking. There is not a one-size-fits-all solution. And because of this, it can be difficult to know where to start. Learn three things that should be in your digital transformation strategy to ensure lasting success.

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