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Megan Haas  |  Technology

IVA, IVR, Chatbot, DTMF? What’s the difference?

December 3, 2020 Without a proper automation system in place, customers will have frustrating experiences that lead to lost business. Learn about the different types of automation and which is best for your business in our blog.
Priyanka Tiwari
Priyanka Tiwari  |  Industry

2020 Holiday CX Trends

November 19, 2020 This holiday season is unlike anything we had ever imagined. COVID-19 has changed everything that signifies the holidays - the gatherings, the travel, and well, the shopping! Retailers around the country are gearing up for the most important time of the year while maintaining the safety of their customers and employees. Learn about the CX trends that will influence this year's holiday shopping in this blog.
Megan Haas  |  Intelligent Virtual Assistant

What can an IVA do for you?

November 13, 2020 Outdated and Inefficient technologies, like IVRs and chatbots, don't provide the level of customer experience that consumers demand. Learn how an IVA can deliver quick, convenient, and top-notch service to consumers in our blog.
Erin Stewart
Erin Stewart  |  Industry

3 ways Conversational AI will Transform Revenue Cycle Management

November 5, 2020 How can RCMs implement a strategy that improves agent experience, ensures patients are met with empathetic and kind experiences, and reduces the cost to collect? The answer lies with transformative technology--a Virtual Collection Agent (VCA). Learn more in this blog.
Kate O'Connell
Kate O'Connell  |  Customer Experience

5 Ways Old School Etiquette Applies to Modern Customer Care

October 29, 2020 Does old school etiquette apply to modern customer care? More than you may think! Learn 5 ways that good manners can elevate customer experience in our blog.

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