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McCall Peltier
McCall Peltier  |  Customer Experience

Texting vs. Voice: How Generational Differences Shape Customer Engagement Strategy

July 18, 2019 We all know that consumer demographics matter when it comes to buying behavior and effective marketing tactics. But did you realize that age has a significant effect on how a person wants to interact with brands they love? Read the results to a survey to learn about differences in generational preferences.
Megan Haas  |  Customer Care

Customer Contact Week: Three Characteristics Every Customer Experience Should Have

July 10, 2019 Featuring insights from the world's largest customer contact conference, learn the characteristics that experts deem are the most important when building a good customer experience.
Nathan Anderson
Nathan Anderson  |  Industry

Six Questions to ask your AI vendor in the Collections industry

June 27, 2019 If you're looking to implement AI and machine learning in your collections company, these six questions will guide you to find the right partner so that you will see measurable results at scale.
Valerie Bonaldo
Valerie Bonaldo  |  Industry

Focus on the Outcomes: Takeaways from the Gartner Customer Experience and Technologies Summit

June 20, 2019 In order to successfully deploy an AI solution, there needs to be a focus on the outcomes you want to achieve. Read more about this concept, and other key takeaways from the Gartner Customer Experience and Technologies Summit in London in our blog post.
Megan Haas  |  Business Benefits

Driving ROI with Intelligent Virtual Assistants

June 13, 2019 Using results from an Aberdeen Survey, we have complied three data-driven takeaways about how Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVA) can drive ROI across your business.

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