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Tara Wildt
Tara Wildt  |  Technology

3 Revenue-Driving Benefits of Conversational AI

November 7, 2018 Recent research shows that customers prefer to interact with conversational AI. While this information is interesting, it’s important to note that there are actual revenue-driving benefits of conversational AI.
Lauren Famiglietti
Lauren Famiglietti  |  Technology

The AI Creep-O-Meter

October 31, 2018 While the future of AI doesn’t consist of robots ruling the world, we admit that sometimes AI can be a bit, well...creepy. We conducted a survey with The Harris Poll to learn just how much creepiness Americans are willing to tolerate from AI, and where the line is drawn.
Lauren Famiglietti
Lauren Famiglietti  |  Technology

AI on the Creepiness Scale: Real Life Stories

October 24, 2018 While robots aren’t about to take over the world, it sometimes feels like big brother is watching over us in the shape of a round plastic object named Alexa or Google. We asked consumers to weigh in: what’s the creepiest encounter you’ve ever had with AI?
Priyanka Tiwari
Priyanka Tiwari  |  Customer Care

Customer Experience Mapping: Empathy Maps

October 17, 2018 Empathy maps describe what a customer goes through as he/she is trying to complete a task, in a product or brand agnostic way. In other words, empathy maps allow you to take a step back from your product and paint a picture of a typical customer’s experience -- their needs, expectations, goal, hurdles and behavior as they try to overcome those hurdles.
Jane Price
Jane Price  |  Customer Care

When emotions run high, the “cooler head” may be made of silicone

October 10, 2018 I admit it. I can be pretty impatient at times, so the other day when my son came downstairs to find me yelling at my computer with the remote in my hand, he wasn’t entirely surprised. But it was still a humbling moment.

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