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Megan Haas  |  Customer Experience

3 Considerations for an opti-channel digital transformation strategy

January 14, 2021 Digital transformation is about more than about just channel choice, but rather channel optimization. Learn about the opti-channel approach in our blog.
Kate O'Connell
Kate O'Connell  |  Customer Experience

2021 Predictions for Conversational AI and Customer Experience Automation

January 7, 2021 What will 2021 hold in store for customer experience and artificial intelligence? See the predictions from our experts in this blog.
Dan Pressel
Dan Pressel  |  About Interactions

Introducing Odin: Machine Learning Operations at Scale

December 15, 2020 Learn about Odin, our open-source lightweight framework for automating machine learning workflows.
McCall Peltier
McCall Peltier  |  Digital Transformation

A CIO’s Role in Disruptive Technologies

December 10, 2020 Embarking on a digital transformation journey is no easy feat. CIOs best understand the complexity of legacy technologies, the transformation of business outcomes, and modernization current customer experience channels, and therefore have a key role in improving CX for their organizations.
Megan Haas  |  Technology

IVA, IVR, Chatbot, DTMF? What’s the difference?

December 3, 2020 Without a proper automation system in place, customers will have frustrating experiences that lead to lost business. Learn about the different types of automation and which is best for your business in our blog.

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