CX Healthcare Exchange

May. 15-16, 2023

Hyatt Regency

Denver, CO

Automation and Empathy: Can Conversational AI Humanize and Elevate Non-Clinical PX?

Attend our Monday, May 15th roundtable at 5:45PM to join the conversation on automation and empathy. Facilitated by:

Phil Gray

Phil Gray

Chief Product Officer
Phil leads innovation initiatives at Interactions, collaborating with customers and partners to create and operationalize disruptive technology inventions that transform customer experience. He has extensive experience with Conversational AI and customer experience technologies. Prior to joining Interactions, Phil founded and led Versay, a natural language, speech applications company. He also held leadership roles at Nuance and Eloyalty.

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Experience has never held a more pivotal role in healthcare. The pandemic acted as a catalyst for accelerated digital transformation as well as an overdue review of how we care for our caregivers. Positive patient and employee experiences can have a monumental impact on the reputation, revenue growth and loyalty of a brand. Most importantly, positive experiences equate to better care, and better health outcomes, for everyone.

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