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Delight your guests with fast and accurate ordering

Interactions Guest Experience Platform (GXP) powered by Conversational AI seamlessly integrates with your current technology to support guests through all phases of their journey. From order management and guest care, to social media engagement and back-of-house support, our GXP helps you differentiate your guest experience and maximize operational efficiencies by allowing you to:

  • Engage with your guests on the channel of their choice
  • Consistently upsell and increase average order value
  • Take orders faster to reduce wait times
  • Increase CSAT with a seamless guest experience
  • Provide unique personalized experiences to returning guests
  • Collect more accurate guest and restaurant data
  • Free up restaurant staff to focus on tasks that increase throughput
Food Service AI
Restaurant AI
Food Service CX

How can Conversational Artificial Intelligence support restaurants?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is showing up everywhere today. Even within a single industry like food services, there are hundreds of examples of where AI is used to support everything from operations and data analysis to marketing and guest experience, and more.

Because of its advanced ability to understand and respond on a human level, Conversational AI is best applied to guest experience. In other words, restaurant guests will be able to have a similar experience interacting with Conversational AI technology as they would with a human.

This allows Conversational AI to support restaurant guests in functions such as:

  • Answering questions about promotions, restaurant locations, and more
  • Ordering food, even when the order is complicated
  • Social media monitoring to increase engagement and have more meaningful conversations with guests
  • Supporting back-of-house staff with seamless ticket delivery that improves order accuracy and increases throughput

How does restaurant AI work, and is it effective?

Restaurant AI, specifically Conversational AI, is a practical application of AI to streamline restaurant and food service interactions to enhance the guest experience. Using a combination of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning, the AI technology can understand and respond on a human level, as well as maintain context throughout the conversation and integrate with backend systems, like POS and CRM, to provide a personalized experience to guests.

Due to the advanced conversational manner of this technology, restaurant AI is able to provide an effective solution to handling large volumes of ordering without losing the qualities of a positive guest experience.

Does FoodService AI provide better customer service?

As mentioned above, AI in Food Services can drastically improve guest experience by allowing a greater volume of customers to be served. This reduces wait times for guests on every channel–including phone, digital, drive-thru, kiosks, and in-person ordering. And, unlike traditional automation services where humans must adapt to speak with technology, Conversational AI adapts to humans to create an effortless guest experience.

Implementing AI in a restaurant can also provide a greater guest experience by improving order accuracy. According to a recent survey by Interactions, the top characteristic of a bad food ordering experience is food inaccuracy.

By leaving food ordering to Conversational AI technology with a human-level of understanding, guests’ orders will be accurately recorded and seamlessly delivered to staff, so they can focus on preparing guests food quickly and without error.

Seventy-three percent of people believe that having technology as a part of their dining improves their experience, according to a study by Toast. And more, 76% of customers are comfortable with a human not being involved when interacting with a company under a variety of circumstances, according to Harris Poll. We also know that guests don’t want to wait at any stage at a quick-service restaurant, and they want their food delivered accurately. Conversational AI solves for these two common issues, allowing you to support more guests with a better guest experience.

Conversational Ordering

Our GXP uses Conversational AI, so you can speak naturally just like you would with an actual person. Listen to live calls where real guests are placing orders and making changes with an automated system — even when there’s background noise.

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Anytime. Anywhere.

Your guests decide when and how to engage with your brand. GXP is ready for your guests 24/7, on all the channels of their choice.

Phone and Mobile Voice

With the ability to speak naturally and conversationally, your guests will get more done faster. In a crowded coffee shop? Fido barking in the background? Even in the noisiest situations, we accurately hear what they’re saying.


From sending notifications, to texting directions, or even adding to an order, now you can take full advantage of texting. And, because our platform is responsive and can accurately reply to open-ended messages, conversations are natural and engaging.


Allow your guests to place orders or engage with you over a chat. Our unique platform can handle it all and even seamlessly transfer the control to your staff with context.

Mobile Apps

Our GXP for mobile integrates all available smartphone features for a rich multimodal experience.

Smart Speakers

With your guests calling out for Alexa and Google Home for every other task, don’t let your restaurant get lost in the mix. Our platform enables you to extend your services over the smart speaker of your choice, allowing guests to communicate with you without losing the brand experience they know and love.

Social Platforms

With our GXP you can easily monitor, measure, and engage with social media conversations about your brand from a single platform. By leveraging artificial intelligence, our platform delivers highly relevant guest conversations and insights from any source on the web.

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Take your guest experience to a new level.

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Digital Ordering

Eliminate hold times while increasing average order value through digital ordering. Allow guests to talk or type in their own words and place orders directly via phone, web, or SMS. Our GXP can answer ordering questions, manage menu complexity, accommodate special instructions, and create upsell opportunities.

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Guest Care

Know the pre- and post-ordering needs of your guests so you can better manage guest complaints and compliments. Provide support and answer questions around topics like loyalty programs and promotions. Deliver a more personalized guest experience through the collection of guest data.

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Social Media Monitoring

Engage more often and have meaningful conversations with your guests on social media with access to highly relevant guest conversations and insights from social platforms across the web. Monitor your brand in real time by finding, prioritizing, and classifying social media posts. Our GXP can determine intent in guest posts and acknowledge guests instantly with automatic or curated replies.

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Kitchen AI

Support your back-of-house with a hands-free, eyes-free interactive conversational voice interface that delivers tickets to staff to improve order accuracy and increase throughput.

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