CX Innovation Digital Summit: Driving transformation for the customer experience

Mar. 7-9, 2023

9:00 am ET

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2023 introduced several challenges into the sector, with a sharp rise in e-commerce and retailers having to rethink their strategies. Organizations need to constantly differentiate themselves and their product offerings.

Sense check your approach with likeminded industry experts, sharing insight on business-critical challenges and disruptive technology and drive your industry forward collaboratively.

Embracing the Fusion of Authenticity, Trust, and Customer Loyalty

There is no question that trusted brands go further. Trust drives loyalty, engagement, and brand exclusivity, as well as helping to build lasting customer relationships. Whilst it has always been a hot topic, the question remains – how do we gain it, nurture it, and what are the consequences of losing it? A huge part of providing a great customer experience is making sure that CX is ongoing and focused on keeping your existing customers, rather than just attracting new ones. Recurring customers are more valuable than new customers. Studies have found that it costs 5x as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep a new one, so it’s definitely worth putting in the effort to keep your customers happy. Loyal customers also help to increase the reputation and awareness of your brand as they’ll talk about your company and products with their friends and family. Happy customers make great (and free!) brand ambassadors and influencers. In order to reflect a consumer’s expectation that a brand’s product aligns with the promises the company has made, trust needs to be embedded in a company culture. According to research by Microsoft, brands that are inclusive in their marketing & consumer approach are viewed as more authentic & trustworthy. Building authenticity into a brand’s CX means allowing the brand’s human qualities to shine through. Join this panel discussion to explore what role emotion & culture plays in the CX space, and how brands can ensure they retain that trust & authenticity to drive consumer loyalty.

Peter Mullen

Peter Mullen

Peter brings more than two decades of marketing leadership to his role as Interactions’ CMO. Previously, he was Senior Vice President of Marketing at Payactiv, where he led customer success marketing, lead-gen programming, customer acquisition, product marketing and more. Prior, he held prominent marketing and communications roles at VXI Global Solutions, Comcast, and Netflix.

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