Reuters: Customer Service & Experience 2021

Jun. 2-3, 2021

10:00 am ET

Reuters: Customer Service & Experience 2021

With your customers demanding convenient & frictionless experiences on a number of channels, aspirations on roadmaps like intelligent self-service, transactional automation, and seamless transition between channels, are now pivotal in providing efficiency and satisfying experiences. Whether at home or in the contact centre, you are asking more of your agents – It is critical you augment them with the capabilities needed to excel. You must empower your teams to reach new highs with contextual knowledge bases, on-demand training and a customer-centric culture. Customer Service & Experience brings together leaders from the world’s most influential brands to set a new standard for service & experience. Ensure your business is not left behind with the right tools, real-world benchmarks and organizational strategies to adapt your customer care strategy for an ever-changing world.

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