June 13, 2018 • 2 minute read

5 Steps to Future-proof your Customer Care

It can be hard to keep up in the customer care industry with the ongoing artificial intelligence (AI) revolution. Which is why we sat down with DMG Consulting’s President, Donna Fluss and Interactions’ SVP of Marketing, Jane Price to identify the most important issues you will likely face, and how your company can future-proof customer care. 

While customers used to avoid self-service solutions, automated customer care has now evolved to become the go-to channel for all customers — regardless of age. But your system has to be both accurate and quick for it to actually work and keep customers happy. While many companies are actively investing millions trying to achieve this goal, market feedback shows that it’s difficult to keep up with evolving customer expectations.   

In order to be successful, your organization needs to look at convenience through the eyes of your customer. Any time spent on the customer’s behalf with your company should be time well spent.

Here are a few helpful first steps to upgrading your self-service and setting up a roadmap for the future:

  1. Research the competitive landscape
  2. Review and update your self-service strategy 
  3. Align your strategy with corporate customer experience goals
  4. Identify customer channel preferences
  5. Assess current self-service capabilities and identify gaps

Our research shows that consumers want to be treated like people. They don’t want to have to speak like a robot in order to be understood. And they want to pick up the conversation with your company where they left off — regardless of channel.

Your customers are already looking for self-service options. So now is the time to make adjustments, and future-proof these services. Meet your customers expectations, and prepare yourself for the future with adaptive technology.

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