Building Effortless Customer Experiences: 3 Things to Consider

July 3, 2018

Increasingly, the customer care industry is teaming up with technology to focus on delivering seamless and effortless customer experiences. But our industry often promises a better omnichannel experience and improvements to the customer journey, while in reality, many companies fail to deliver.  

While customers have more options than ever for outreach, their journey often ends in a disjointed experience filled with tedious repetition. We need to think about the investments we make in these channels, and how to reduce the friction between them. A true omnichannel experience should enable customers to move effortlessly from one channel to the next while retaining context the entire time.

To build truly effortless customer experiences, consider the following tips.

1. Analyze the customer journey

Take a look at the customer journey and figure out how to address issues before they evolve into problems. The more you can predict and resolve problems upstream, the better shape you will be in downstream. Take the time to really optimize your customers’ journey. You should constantly asses and reaffirm that customers are being directed to the correct channel for the issue they need to resolve.

2. Follow up with customers

Collect feedback and follow up with customers who give your customer service experience a poor score. It can be very insightful to learn about customer pain points, and it will provide you with the information needed to improve the customer journey.

3. Apply AI — intelligently

Working with the latest technology can help you optimize the customer journey and automate customer care, but it’s important to remember that not all AI is created equally. You need to make sure your organization is connecting the dots between technology capabilities and business goals.

Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) are the backbone that can offer a true omnichannel solution. At Interactions, our IVAs use Adaptive Understanding to tap into business knowledge, goals, existing CRMs, and workforce management systems to provide a personalized experience anytime, anywhere.

Want to learn more about how the best ways to build an effortless customer experience? Check out our on-demand webinar.


How to Build an Effortless Customer Experience

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