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May 23, 2018 • 2 minute read

True Omnichannel, Delivered — Anytime, Anywhere.

At Interactions, conversations have always been key to everything we do. And we know that for brands, every conversation you have with a customer is an opportunity — to engage and deliver a seamless experience. That’s why Interactions is happy to announce that we’re continuing on our mission to modernize customer care by making it easier than ever for companies to engage with customers and get things done — anytime, anywhere.

Enterprises no longer have the luxury of providing only traditional customer care –  limited to contact center interactions and covering basic problem-solving. Thanks to advanced AI-based technologies, consumer sophistication and the continuously expanding choice of available channels, customer care is fundamentally changing. Customers today expect two-way conversations that are natural and carry context from one interaction to the next.

We know that customers’ perception of a brand impacts mission critical items like new revenue, customer retention and overall satisfaction. Savvy brands know that competitive differentiation increasingly demands delivering productive customer experiences that fit into the demanding, hectic lives of customers. That’s why we evolved Interactions IVA platform to respond to today’s complex customer engagement demands, delivering a modern, conversational and unified experience, across all engagement channels.

As customer engagement continues to become more complex, our solution gives brands a unified and consistent voice across channels. This means companies no longer have to cobble together different technologies to deliver customer engagement that spans marketing, sales, service, and support.

The modern customer experience is about being in-life and omnipresent, whenever a customer needs your service. And our Intelligent Virtual Assistants help brands deliver the kind of seamless, efficient experience your customers have come to expect.

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