4 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty
June 24, 2022 • 3 minute read

Communication Service Providers: 4 ways to increase customer loyalty and retention with an IVA

Gartner’s Top Technology Trends for CSPs in 2022 highlights how Communication Service Providers’ (CSPs) customers are increasingly pushing for consistency and quality of experiences across the customer journey and life cycle, regardless of what channels or services they use. With consumers demanding better customer experience, it’s no surprise that CSPs are investing in customer experience strategies to increase retention, growth and loyalty. 

Here’s how the right IVA and CX partner can help you deliver an enhanced, enriched experience for your customers: 

Automate outbound customer communications
Your IVA should be able to automate a variety of outbound communications such as notifying customers of important plan information, sending overage alerts and service reminders, and conducting surveys to collect feedback. Promotional offers that are segmented, personalized, and delivered during the appropriate time in the customer life cycle are also an important communication your IVA should manage.

Automating outbound communications not only increases customer satisfaction by receiving timely, consistent messages, it will increase subscriptions by targeting specific promotions and communications to the right customer at the right point in their customer journey. 

Handle product support inquiries and increase upsell opportunities

Processing upgrades, handling accessory sales, managing insurances and warranties, offering product comparisons, and troubleshooting device issues are all tasks your IVA should be able to manage for you. 

With technology taking the lead and customers being able to complete tasks through self-service, the usual pain points we all despise like long wait times, multiple transfers, and figuring out incorrect information will be eliminated.

Manage account information and payments 

The days of “Press 1 for Payments” are in the past. Cut the wait time for your customers and save your agents for the more complex tasks by enabling the right IVA to handle account information and payments. 

Processing payments, payment reminders, balance inquiries, enrolling and updating plans and opening account help tickets to escalate issues to the right specialists are all tasks that can, and should, be automated with your IVA. 

Offer an optichannel customer experience
Omnichannel didn’t live up to its name. Optichannel can take many forms, but the best examples demonstrate a connectivity between channels that makes transactions smoother for customers. It allows customers to use multiple channels in one conversation simultaneously to ensure a great customer experience. 

Keep your agents happy, too

Not only will this keep your customers happy, it will also provide greater job satisfaction for your employees. 

With an IVA that can handle self-service, optichannel tasks agents will no longer be on the front lines with frustrated customers. Instead they’ll be focusing on supporting multiple transactions at a time in the background leading to greater productivity. With less agent churn and the scalability to handle unlimited volume, contact centers will save money on hiring and training costs.

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