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November 18, 2015 • 2 minute read

Curing Patient No-Shows with Virtual Assistant Solutions

Picture this common scenario: It’s 2:00 PM and the patient who was supposed to be in your office at 1:45 p.m. still hasn’t shown up. Your staff has been working the phones trying to get someone to take the slot, but with no luck. So instead of working toward meeting your daily production goals, you’re sitting around hoping your next patient is more reliable.

While it’s obviously frustrating when patients don’t show up for appointments or cancel at the last minute, the bigger issue is that this can also be very costly. The negative impact of patient no-shows hits your practice hard in terms of lost time and revenue. Research conducted by ‘Power Your Practice’ found that one multi-physician clinic had 14,000 no-shows in a single year, resulting in an estimated loss of over $1 million. With group practices accounting for 47% of the approximately of the 230,187 physician practices in the United States, clinics risk losing more than $100 billion annually!

Some practices have tried to correct the no-show problem by implementing interactive voice recognition (IVR) tools, but IVRs are limited and still require the patient to interact with a live staff member to reschedule.

Today, conversational virtual assistant technology is changing the way healthcare providers approach the growing patient no-show problem. By using simple, natural language to gather accurate and timely information, virtual assistant solutions deliver a 95%+ accuracy rate. The result is a personalized, frustration free interaction that saves your practice time and money and decreases the incidence of no-shows.

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