July 24, 2019 • 4 minute read

Take a Bite out of Interactions Guest Experience Platform for Food Services

We are excited to announce the launch of the Guest Experience Platform (GXP), our new product  for Food Services. For more than a decade, we have been a market leader in building Conversational AI applications for enterprise customer care. With GXP, we’ve taken that expertise and experience and applied it to the Food Services industry to revolutionize digital ordering and guest care.

Restaurants are leaving money on the table

Imagine it’s a Friday night and you have friends over. You have picked your favorite pizza place and triple checked orders with all your friends. You finally make a call to place your big order, but get put on hold. After waiting a few minutes, you hang up and express your frustration on twitter. That will show ‘em! 

This is a typical scene at most restaurants during peak hours. Not only does the restaurant miss out on your sale, but they may also lose a loyal customer.

Today, people spend more than 48% of their food budget on restaurant dining. This, together with a preference for off-premise dining, has led to a 300% increase in digital food ordering. 

It would seem that the restaurant industry would be booming, but in fact many struggle to keep up. Facing a diminishing labor pool and a 73% average annual staff turnover rate, there aren’t enough hands to take and prepare orders. This leads to long wait times and frustrated guests–who eventually hang-up the phone and leave or drive by long drive-thru lines–resulting in lost sales. In addition, inaccurate orders cost time and money, and missed upsell opportunities are countless.

Restaurants are literally leaving money on the table and we want to help them reclaim it!

The Guest Experience Platform (GXP)Interactions_GXP_AI

We can help restaurants  take all of these challenges head-on. The omnichannel Guest Experience Platform, powered by Conversational AI, offers guests the convenience of cutting-edge food ordering and impeccable guest care across channels. The GXP enables restaurants to support their guests during all phases of their journey with the following key components: 

Guest Ordering: Seamlessly integrate your existing back office technology–including POS, CRM, rewards, digital menus, and more with our Conversational AI. Provide guests with digital ordering using text or voice and reduce average order and wait times while increasing order accuracy and upsell yields.

Predictive Recommendation Engine: Our Predictive Recommendation Engine pairs contextual cues and historical trends with client-defined business rules. Offer timely suggestions to your guests right when they are most likely to accept them. We take into account the customers previous purchases, preferences and pair them with business rules such as specials and promotions to offer the best possible upsell. For example, we will never suggest a ‘Meat Lovers Special’ if a guest’s past 10 orders have been vegan!

Guest Care: Let Conversational AI handle your front-line customer service inquiries to reduce staff and labor costs and improve operational efficiency.

Social Media Monitoring: Find, prioritize, and classify social media posts, including intent and sentiment. Separate complaints from compliments and monitor your restaurant brand in real-time, reply automatically, and see actionable customer insights.

Kitchen AI: Automate kitchen operations with intelligent voice input and let your back-of-house staff use their hands to get food out faster instead of pushing buttons. No need to take the gloves on and off between processing an order and navigating the computer, staff simply uses their voice to open and close orders –  simple, fast and hygienic.

Reporting and Analytics: Use your data to do more and serve more. Our advanced reporting and analytics lets restaurant brands not only see sales and patterns for each location but see a broader picture across locations. Plan staffing based on peak and low volumes, understand guest preferences and needs, manage inventory, better forecast sales, and get actionable insights to offer personalized experiences. 

GXP behaves like the restaurant’s best staff, every time

GXP never has a bad day. It’s always cheerful and ready to delight guests. It never forgets business rules and never misses a chance to make an upsell. GXP not only improves the guest experience and brand loyalty, but makes your restaurant staff more productive and efficient because it lets your staff focus on preparing food and getting orders out the door. 

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