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Combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence

October 5, 2016

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is currently one of the most talked about topics – spanning various industries, companies, and applications. More recently, though, the conversation has shifted to begin acknowledging the role of humans behind all of this automation, particularly when it comes to ensuring accuracy and top performance.

There are many use-cases for what is known as human-assisted AI. At Interactions, we are particularly concerned with the application of human-assisted AI for enterprise customer care.

When it comes to customer care, the goal is to achieve flawless and consistent performance for any task, while still keeping costs down. Live agents alone are often, not always consistent in their answers, and present a real security concern with social engineering practices. But while automation is key for scale and delivery convenience for customer support and virtual assistance, it is simply not performing well enough to ensure a reliable customer experience every time.

View this on-demand webinar to learn more about strategies for combining human assistance with automated service delivery paradigms to provide users with reliable and convenient customer care services.

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Combining Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence
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Mary McKenna
About the Author
With more than twenty years experience in innovative product development and delivery in search, big data analytics and customer service automation markets, Mary McKenna runs the product management team at Interactions. As Sr. Director of Product Management, Mary creates, manages and motivates teams that build products using artificial intelligence technologies for customer care. Her years of experience allow her to provide business strategy, solution design, product management, and key sales and marketing support to deliver unique product solutions at Interactions.
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