Interactions and Kyndryl Partner to Deliver Craveable IT Support Experiences
May 30, 2024 • 3 minute read

Interactions and Kyndryl Partner to Deliver Craveable IT Support Experiences

Interactions and Kyndryl have a lot in common; we’re both technology leaders in our respective fields, work with the world’s most recognizable brands and are obsessed with the success of our customers. Naturally, a partnership makes sense.

Today, that idea becomes a reality. Together, Interactions and Kyndryl, the world’s largest IT infrastructure services provider, are announcing the availability of Kyndryl Interactive AI for Service Desk, a dynamic IT support service that blends Artificial Intelligence (AI) with human expertise to deliver a hyper personalized interactive IT support experience.

What is Interactive AI?

Kyndryl Interactive AI for Service Desk taps into Interactions unique blend of industry leading AI and Human Assisted Understanding (HAU) technology. The solution leverages our Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) to empower employees to self-serve their IT challenges, providing them with solutions more quickly and reducing the burden placed on a company’s Help Desk.

Kyndryl Interactive AI for Service Desk will also make use of Task Orchestration, our latest innovation combining the best of AI and humans. Typically, complex IT requests are required to be handled by humans from start to finish. But with Task Orchestration, any request can be completed in the IVA as it sends subtasks or worklets to the IT Help Desk only at the moment their expertise is needed. This means quicker resolution times for employees and much more efficient use of IT resources.

Why are Interactions and Kyndryl Partnerning?

It’s fair to say the AI revolution is here, with seemingly every news outlet talking about it almost everyday for the last couple years. The ultimate goal of this ever developing technology is to improve the daily lives of people in big and small ways. That is certainly the vision of our two companies. Combining the scale of Kyndryl with the AI expertise of Interactions means we can improve the lives of millions of employees across the globe, removing the frustration that comes with IT challenges.

“We are excited to collaborate with Kyndryl to deliver the next generation Service Desk experience to the world using the best of conversational AI and Human Assisted Understanding. Kyndryl’s scale and experience combined with Interactions proven performance in AI is sure to bring a better user experience while reducing cost,” remarked Mike Iacobucci, CEO of Interactions.

How does this Partnership Benefit Businesses and Employees

Thanks to our combined expertise, Kyndryl Interactive AI for Service Desk can solve up to 70% of employee IT queries through digital channels. The solution also can advance employee productivity improvements through incidents and requests being resolved in minutes or hours, not days. Additionally, services are delivered in a security-rich environment, optimized to gather insights with native cadence to deliver continuous improvements.

“Through the combination of machine learning, AI and human understanding, we are delivering exceptional experiences and results to customers,” said Dennis Perpetua, Kyndryl Vice President and Distinguished Engineer. “These AI-enabled improvements enable customers to realize potential cost savings and greater insights that can lead to better business results and higher end-user satisfaction.”

To learn more about this partnership, and hear from those who brought it to life, take a look at our dedicated page.

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