Improve customer experience
May 6, 2022 • 3 minute read

It’s time for a change. How to improve customer experience with Conversational AI

In customer experience, wasting time is one of the biggest pain points for consumers. In a recent survey, we found the top obstacles people experience when contacting customer service have to do with time, such as long wait times or wasted time due to inefficient processes. 

When we asked consumers to indicate what they had experienced when contacting customer service in the past two years, we found that:

  • 75% experienced long wait times
  • 63% were transferred multiple times
  • 62% had to repeat or re-enter information
  • 59% interacted with an agent who was not knowledgeable
  • 49% received incorrect information

Today’s consumers are busier than ever. They don’t have time to waste. Making customer service more efficient will make your brand stand out from competition and drive continued loyalty and increased revenue.  

How can brands make interactions more efficient for their consumers? Many are turning to Conversational AI solutions like virtual agents to automate tasks. By offering self-service, consumers can take care of their tasks when and how they want to with a consistent experience every time. Let’s take a look. 

Time is money

Long wait times, multiple transfers, and incorrect information is costing your business time. And time is money. Virtual agents can handle unlimited inbound volume so customers can get an immediate response and don’t have to wait in a long queue. Virtual agents can also understand intent and if needed, route consumers to the correct agent or department. Because they are programmed to follow business rules, virtual agents don’t go off script, reducing the dissemination of incorrect information. All of these efficiencies not only help consumers, but can also reduce operational costs.

Time after time

It’s important that consumers have a consistent experience on every channel. Brands often choose to implement a solution in one channel that can’t scale to another. Or, different departments are operating in silos and making decisions without keeping the entire customer journey in mind. Both of these situations lead to disjointed experiences that only frustrate customers. A virtual agent, on the other hand, can scale across channels to build a strong foundation for a consistent experience as you expand your customer experience strategy.

Around the clock

Consumers don’t like to be limited by business hours. Especially in a world where almost anything can be accessed instantaneously with a click of a button, consumers expect the same when it comes to customer service. A virtual agent is there 24/7 to help consumers get things done when they have time–before the sun rises or long after it sets.

Don’t get behind the times

Digital acceleration initiatives have dramatically increased as a result of the pandemic. Don’t fall behind the times when it comes to implementing technology in your contact center. Conversational AI solutions like virtual agents can improve customer experience, reduce operating costs, and accelerate digital transformation. 

Take your time (to find the right solution)

Not every Conversational AI solution is created equal. There are many managed services and DIY solutions (and even hybrids of the two) on the market today, but not all offer the same experience or proven results. Make sure you first identify the type of experience you want to deliver and then match yourself with a solution that can support this experience with the design, industry, and customer experience expertise you need to bring this experience to your customers.


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