White House Exec Order
December 16, 2021 • 4 minute read

With liberty and great CX for all: How the White House’s new order is a CX game changer

When a consumer contacts customer service of a company they do business with, they have one simple objective: they want to get an answer to a question in a fast, timely and efficient manner. Whether it’s an insurance company, a retailer, or a hospital, this trend remains constant across the board. 

Just like between a brand and a customer, the interaction between the public and their government can be improved to create a more accessible, valuable, and efficient experience. Not only does this improve operational efficiency within the organization, but also demonstrates respect for everyone’s time. 

This week, this concept was publicly stated by the White House. In particular, the Executive Order this week made a powerful statement:

Every interaction between the Federal Government and the public, whether it involves renewing a passport or calling for a status update on a farm loan application, should be seen as an opportunity for the Government to save an individual’s time (and thus reduce “time taxes”) and to deliver the level of service that the public expects and deserves.

Reducing “time taxes” is a laudable goal. Fortunately, the success of Conversational AI solutions like our Intelligent Virtual Assistant have already shown success in reducing average handling time and operational costs in both the private and public sector. 

As you can imagine, this created a lot of interesting “virtual water cooler” discussion amongst my colleagues. Here’s what some had to say:

“From having their time respected to being treated empathetically, everyone deserves great customer experience. We’re proud to be helping government institutions prioritize their CX with technology that is designed for the customer.” – Mike Iacobucci, CEO

“Our partnership with Maximus is ready and eager to help government agencies in this journey of human-centered design. Our approach has been exactly what is called out in the exec order: we just don’t automate workflows across voice and social channels, we provide the best equitable experience for all using our combination of human-centric design and AI powered by humans. Our FedRAMP certified offering allows various government agencies to get a jump start and not only meet, but beat, the ambitious goals set out in this exec order.” -Anoop Tripathi, CTO

“This extraordinary initiative by the United States government aims to serve the people with leading edge technology solutions that enhance their lives, and to inspire federal agencies to commit to enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives leveraging new technology capabilities. Interactions is the leading conversational AI provider that will not only drive superior customer experience to both their customers and their customers’ customers, it does so by creating significant cost optimization opportunities. As a proven leader in sophisticated contact center technology for the world’s most powerful brands, Interactions is best positioned to execute on the spirit of this executive order, and to dramatically improve the people’s engagement with federal agencies across the board.”-Sri Chawla, SVP, sales

“After this long bout of virtual working and digital engagement, it’s great to see that the Federal government is making a push to improve its constituency experience with digital innovation. Interactions has been relentlessly focused on driving a new level of customer experience, while also improving the cost to serve those customers. We are thrilled to continue to find a way to partner with all government agencies to help them accomplish these goals, and save the taxpayer some money!” -Chris Hughes, SVP, Strategy and Corporate Development

“From a company whose vision is to make every interaction effortless–it is exciting to see the new executive order to transform the customer experience. The government has been slow to adopt innovations that would enable true customer transformation, and this order is a prerequisite to drive the necessary change. Most certainly AI and other advanced technologies will have a role in this initiative. This will open up opportunities for innovative AI companies that have already helped private sector companies at scale.” -Phil Gray, CIO

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