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August 13, 2014 • 2 minute read

Interactions nominated for Telecom Council 2014 SPIFFY Award

We’re thrilled to announce today that we’ve been nominated for the 2014 SPIFFY Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence! The SPIFFY Award nominees are selected by the Telecom Council’s Service Provider Forum and recognize companies that stand out for their innovation in the Telecommunications industry. The Ground Breaker Award is offered to the company that has produced the most impressive technological advancements. Interactions was nominated for the award out of 200 companies representing the broad a range of telecom products and services.

Award winners will be announced by members of the Council’s Service Provider Forum in a public ceremony, on the first evening of the TC3 Summit on October 1st, 2014.

“Interactions is a great example of the kind of innovative company with unique solutions, which our members have interest in. They approach a big need from a fresh angle, providing an unique value proposition to our wireline, ISP, MSO, and mobile carrier community,” says Liz Kerton, President of the Telecom Council. “At the SPIFFYs, we honor the best of the best, so we are proud to add Interactions to the list of successful communications solutions startups who have leveraged the Council to meet potential partners.”

Interactions Adaptive-Understanding™ technology delivers an unprecedented level of understanding and enables customer service solutions that deliver the most natural conversation between a person and an automated system. Interactions solutions are uniquely able to adapt to customer needs and styles and allows consumers to drive the conversation, eliminating the need for structured menus with limited options.

“We are thrilled to be nominated as a Ground Breaker for Engineering Excellence in the SPIFFY Awards,” said Dave Parkinson, COO and EVP of Sales, Interactions Corporation. “We are providing a radically innovative approach to the Telecommunications industry that has been proven to provide significant operational efficiencies and dramatic customer experience improvements.”

We’re honored to be recognized by the Telecom Council. Stay tuned in October to see how we ranked!

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