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April 21, 2016 • 1 minute read

Simplifying Your Customer Care Journey

Did you know that the majority of consumers contact companies on multiple channels just to resolve a single issue? This means that your customers are browsing, typing and calling just to get something done – which can make the customer care journey feel more like a hike.

In a recent study conducted by the Center for Research on the Information society, consumers described their most recent customer care experiences as frustrating and stressful. In an environment where more companies than ever are competing on the basis of customer experience, it’s important to get the customer care journey right the first time.

Join Dr. Jill Walsh, Postdoctoral fellow in Sociology at Boston University and Jane Price, VP Marketing at Interactions on April 26th as they discuss:

  • The typical modern customer care journey
  • Detailed study findings and insights on current customer care preferences
  • How popular customer care systems are falling short when it comes to customer experience
  • How customer experience and retention can be improved through better care options, such as Virtual Assistant solutions.

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